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Walk Safe, Walk Smart Sidewalk Repair Regulations

In New York City, it is important for everyone to maintain their sidewalks to keep everyone safe. Repairing sidewalks and making them accessible for everyone is the responsibility of the property owners of the adjacent sidewalks.The Department of Transportation's policy states that the sidewalks in New York City should be in good shape and  accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

By keeping an eye on issues like wear and tear from the weather and damage caused by tree roots, Moreover, you also get the assistance of a professional sidewalk repair contractor in NYC to keep yourself safe from violations and legal lawsuits.

Do you want to know how you can maintain your sidewalks according to the DOT?  Well, have a look at our sidewalk maintenance guide to get a better understanding.

How to Keep Sidewalks in Good Shape?

A well maintained sidewalk not only enhances the overall appearance of your property but it can also eliminate the risk of people getting hurt on your property. Furthermore, you can take temporary, short-term, or long-term steps to maintain your sidewalk.

Temporary Fixes

Temporary fixes only lower the risk of tripping and only last for a year or so. You can use short-term fixes for up to five years, but then you will have to fix up your sidewalks all over again. Long-term solutions for New York City residents will require the replacement of broken sidewalk slabs.

Short-Term Fixes 

When you hire professionals to take care of your sidewalks for a short time, you choose to repair them with cement or asphalt. For now, these short-term fixes will only make things safer until you can get more solid fixes.

Grinding, cutting, wedging, and overlaying the concrete can repair the damaged concrete sidewalk as part of short-term maintenance. If you keep your sidewalks in good shape, these kinds of fixes should last about five years.

Long-Term Fixes

Replacing your sidewalks is a long-term care method that is generally agreed upon to be good. Professional sidewalk builders use this method to remove broken concrete slabs and put in new ones after cleaning and preparing the area properly. The sidewalks will stay in good shape for about 10 years after the concrete is completely replaced.

Getting Rid Of Tree Roots

Having trees and plants along the sidewalk is a good idea because they provide shade, lower carbon dioxide levels, and raise property values. But tree roots can sometimes hurt sidewalks as they grow. In the same way, plants can grow into the paths and make it hard for people to walk across them. 

In NYC, property owners are required to keep their paths clear of plants. It is possible to hire professionals to fix ruined sidewalks caused by tree roots growing through them.

Repair Done In Accordance With The Weather 

Most people think of clearing the snow and trash from the streets as seasonal maintenance. But seasonal care also includes sweeping, getting rid of or controlling plants. Let us talk about these maintenance tasks that you do every day.

Get Rid of Snow

During the winter, the paths and curb ramps must not have any snow or ice on them. When walkways are covered in snow and ice, people walking on them may slip and fall. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) says that walkways must have 48 inches of clear space for people to walk. It is against the rules of the NYC DOT to walk on the streets when they are covered in snow. There are 24 to 48 hours in which you can clear snow off of your streets.


The property owners are responsible for keeping the streets in good shape so that people with disabilities  can use them. You can hire skilled sidewalk contractors if your sidewalks are broken or show signs of wear and tear. Sidewalk Repair Contractor in NYC can be a good choice for you because we  have highly trained staff who are very good at fixing and keeping sidewalks while following all of NYC's rules and laws. Now, what do you wait for? Get in touch with us right away to use our excellent sidewalk repair services.