Common DOT Sidewalk Violations and How to Avoid Them Image

Common DOT Sidewalk Violations and How to Avoid Them

Providing safe and accessible sidewalks to pedestrians is the responsibility of property owners in New York City. The Department of Transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring that these concrete structures are well-kept and free of tripping hazards.

If the residents are not fulfilling DOT maintenance guidelines, they will receive a violation notice. Addressing these violations within 75 days is essential to avoiding accidents and meeting safety standards. For an efficient violation removal process, you can trust the expertise of a professional sidewalk repair contractor in NYC.

Professional contractors with knowledge of DOT regulations can offer valuable assistance and meet all necessary standards. In this article, we will talk about some common sidewalk issues that lead to violations and the role of experts in eliminating these issues.

Understanding Sidewalk Violations

Violations occur when a property owner is unable to maintain the sidewalks and eliminate damages according to the maintenance rules of the Department of Transportation. According to the DOT, the sidewalks must be safe, functional, and accessible for everyone to use. 

Not complying with the maintenance rules might lead you to receive a violation notice. After receiving the notice, you have 75 days to fix the defects yourself or with the help of a contractor.

If you don’t take any action to fix the issues within the required time, DOT hires a concrete contractor and sends the bill to your address.

Common DOT Sidewalk Violations

Damaged sidewalks posing trip and fall hazards can trigger violations from the Department of Transportation (DOT). But how can you tell if your sidewalks meet their standards? We'll shed light on common issues that might land you a violation notice, helping you keep your walkways safe and compliant.

Deep Cracks and Potholes

Deep cracks and potholes occur for numerous reasons, like poor material used during construction, the old age of the concrete, and climatic conditions. Avoiding repairs to these damages on a timely basis can lead to bigger issues on the sidewalks and also violate the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation.

Uneven Concrete Surface

Concrete can sink or rise from its original level due to various reasons, like water pooling, soil erosion, freeze-thaw cycles, tree root growth and weather, you need to know how does weather affect sidewalk. If the NYC DOT inspects the concrete slabs, it may find differences in level that cause tripping hazards and issue violation notices to the property owners.

Tree Root Damages

Damages sustained by the tree root growth near the sidewalks also violate the maintenance rules of DOT. However, to fix these damages, NYC Parks has introduced a Tree & Sidewalk program. People eligible for this program can get funding for their sidewalk repairs from NYC Parks.

Missing Sidewalk Slabs

If the sidewalk slabs are missing, they can be dangerous for pedestrians and can lead to major injuries like broken hips, cracked bones, and injuries to the face as well. As a property owner, you are liable for the injuries sustained by pedestrians due to your damaged sidewalks. It is why the Department of Transportation sends you a violation notice to get your sidewalks fixed before pedestrians get injured.

How to Avoid Sidewalk Violations?

Regular maintenance, upkeep, and inspection of the sidewalks are the most efficient steps to avoid receiving a violation notice over concrete damages. Following are a few steps that you can follow to make your sidewalks safe, functional, and DOT-free.

Benefits of Timely Repairing Your Sidewalks

By repairing or replacing damaged sidewalks adjacent to your property, you can avail of numerous benefits, including:

  1. Enhance Pedestrian Safety
  2. Compliance with NYC DOT
  3. Increased Value of Property
  4. Long-term Prevention of Extensive Damages

Hiring Professional Sidewalk Repair Contractor in NYC

If you have received a DOT sidewalk violation notice, it is essential to get your sidewalks fixed with the help of a professional sidewalk repair contractor in NYC. licensed and experienced contractors can easily apply for the sidewalk violation removal permit.

Moreover, their years of experience, expertise, and use of unique techniques to fix the damages make them a reliable option. 

Bottom Line

Sidewalk violations occur when sidewalks are extremely dangerous for pedestrians to use. Fixing these damages is essential to not only ensure pedestrian safety but also to comply with city rules and regulations. 

Identifying the sidewalk damages in a timely manner can save you from a DOT violation notice. You can identify the common DOT sidewalk violation damages yourself and can also take help from a professional sidewalk repair contractor in NYC for efficient inspection and repairs.